Query Health – by the numbers

From Rich Elmore, Coordinator, Query Health

I wanted to share with you an update on Query Health – by the numbers.


Transformative concept

Sending questions to the data



Operational documents

1)      Data use agreement

2)      Operational guidance


Reference Implementations

1)      i2b2

2)      PopMedNet

3)      hQuery



1)      Question (HQMF)

2)      Data (CEDD)

3)      Results (QRDA Cat 2&3)

4)      Query Envelope



1)      NYC/NYS DPH

2)      Mini-Sentinel (FDA/BID)

3)      CDC BioSense 2

4)      Mass DPH

5)      CQM (Allscripts)

The Query Health Technical Working Group (TWG) is making fantastic progress on the reference implementations.  We’ve also had recent exciting news with ONC and HL7 working jointly on preparing HQMF and QRDA for ballot, and ONC and NQF working jointly on aligning CEDD with QDM.

The Query Health pilots are poised to ask and answer important questions related to diabetes, hypertension, post-market surveillance, situation awareness and clinical quality measures.

Most importantly, Query Health aligns with the concept of a learning health system, focusing on improving patient and population outcomes.

All of this is the result of the energized, expert, engaged community that have provided shape and direction for distributed population queries.  Thank you to all of the Query Health members and support team for your outstanding contributions! 

The time I had promised to ONC has gone by so quickly.  I am thrilled that Feik (John Feikema) is taking the reins.  We’ve been working together on the transition for the past month and the project will not miss a beat. 





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