Query Health announces new pilot and completion of key deliverables

From Rich Elmore, Coordinator, Query Health

Harvard School of Population Medicine’s Rich Platt and I presented on Distributed Queries and Query Health at an Institute of Medicine meeting on Digital Data Priorities for Continuous Learning.  The session focused on the continuous improvement of using large-scale data sets in health care and how Query Health helps to achieve this goal.  Rich Platt announced the newest Query Health Pilot:  Mini-Sentinel. The Mini-Sentinel project is a distributed network designed to answer FDA’s questions related to the safety of medical products. The project includes 17 data partners and currently has over 126 million patients.  The idea of the pilot is to understand which questions of interest to the FDA might be asked of a clinical system. 

Congratulations to the Concepts to Codes Workgroup who performed an exhaustive environmental scan from experts in the field regarding concepts to codes mapping.  These presentations led to the development of consensus-approved concept mapping guidance for distributed queries.

Congratulations to the Operations Workgroup who completed work on the consensus-approved Data Use Agreement template.  This provides a framework for collaboration between data requesters and data sources, consistent with the HIT Policy Committee guidance on distributed queries.

Congratulations to the Clinical Workgroup who’s Clinical Element data dictionary (CEDD) is in the final stages of consensus and will be completed at the upcoming Face to Face.  The CEDD builds on prior S&I work for Consolidated CDA, aligns with QDM and provides a consistent well-specified data target for distributed queries. 

Many Query Health artifacts are now wrapped, with six left to go:

Our focus is shifting now to wrapping up these artifacts and executing the pilots to obtain real world feedback on the standards.  The New York City and New York State pilot, led by Query Health Clinical Workgroup leader Mike Buck, is actively working on its plans for implementation.  They will be focusing on questions related to diabetes and hypertension, asking question of both EHRs and RHIOs.

Thank you for your continued efforts and invaluable contributions to Query Health. I look forward to connecting with many of you at the Face to Face later this week!



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