John Hall Announced as Direct Project Coordinator

In the past month, the S&I Framework announced the launch of two more initiatives, bringing our active total to five. We now have initiatives in almost every phase of the development lifecycle: Query Health and Data Segmentation in the early stages of problem definition and use case development, Provider Directories well into harmonization, and Lab Results Interface and Transitions of Care in the midst of HL7 balloting and piloting.

Even as S&I Framework initiatives evolve through these phases, the Framework’s archetype – i.e., the Direct Project, also run out of ONC’s Office of Standards and Interoperability – has itself entered a new phase of increasing real-world adoption.  In a recent survey of 55 vendors and healthcare systems who had committed to implement Direct Project earlier this year, 25% indicated they had already deployed Direct in production and another 40% have deployed it in test/pilot environments. This figure excludes State HIEs who have recently become the driving force for Direct Project implementations nationwide.

As a reflection of this reality, S&I Framework Coordinator Jitin Asnaani invited John Hall to take on the role of Direct Project Coordinator. Jitin elaborated, “At this point, what Direct needs most is leadership from the trenches, and John has been catalytic for a growing number of Direct Project implementations nationwide, thanks in no small part to his outstanding work with ONC’s State HIE program and its grantees.  I am super excited that John has agreed to join our team!”

Please join us as we welcome John into his new role!  We look forward to the continued symbiosis between the S&I Framework and Direct Project in our joint quest to achieve ever-increasing health IT interoperability in support of national healthcare priorities.



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